Hanging a Suncatcher
All of our suncatchers arrive ready to hang. It is a quick & easy process ~ literally a few minutes. We securely solder tiny brass hooks into each design, then we attach heavy duty translucent fishline to those hooks, so all you need to do is cut that fishline to your preferred length. We include the simple instructions with your suncatcher.
Here in our experience is the best way to hang stained glass:
· Tap a very tiny nail (or tack) into the wood around the window, then hang the fishline off of the nail.
· Remember to tie multiple knots in the fishline to keep it from slipping.
· If you need to use a suction cup, be sure to use the larger size cup. We recommend that you smear a thin layer of clear silicon adhesive on the back, firmly press it in position on your window, then let it dry for about an hour prior to hanging the suncatcher. Silicon adhesive is very inexpensive and is readily available in small tubes from hardware or Walmart type stores, as are suction cups.
The purpose of the silicon is to better hold the suction cup in place, as otherwise temperature changes throughout the years or vibrations (from traffic for example) could eventually loosen it. If you ever need to remove the suction cup, you can easily do so by sliding a thin knife or single-edge razor blade under the edge.
We have been selling suncatchers since 1982, and we often hear from some of those early customers who tell us that, having followed our instructions, they still have those glass pieces hanging in place ... that is decades of enjoyment!